Sep. 20th, 2008

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The last organized day of these trips is often a lost day, with getting back to the start, dropping people off, and time pressures. This, however, was a pleasant surprise of a day. Nobody had to be anywhere by a certain time.

We woke and had a nice breakfast. I had caramel-maple waffles. Ian showed up and was feeling much better. He looked better. He ate a big bite of my waffles, proving that he was sugar-hungry again. We loaded up the van, piled in, and then drove back to La Pocatière. It was as if we were doing the entire trip in reverse. We commented on different milestones we passed. "Here's where we missed our turn." "I loved this downhill." Things like that.

We stopped in Trois Pistoles to see the inside of the church. I realized that my new camera has a "museum" setting that disables the flash and makes the camera completely silent. Handy, that.


We stopped in Rivière-de_Loup for a short hike in the park there. We had an hour and a half before we'd agreed to meet for lunch. B and I hiked the "green trail" - the paths circled different routes in the park and were blazed in the named color. We decided that green is a very poor choice for blazes for hiking trails. We saw lots of cool things including the river, beaver-gnawed trees, cool rocks, a giant waterfall that generates electricity, and not a lot of people.



t the very end, we were stopped by some people overly dressed, as if they had come from church or something. They spoke only French and I had a horrible time trying to figure out what they were asking. I think they were asking which trail to take to find the apples. There was, in fact, an old orchard in the park, clearly marked on the map, and we had seen some apples. I think they decided it was too far to walk in dressy shoes because we saw them leaving soon after that. So much for my cockiness about my language abilities!

We met back up with the rest of the group and wandered through town. We found a pub to eat lunch in and we all had HUGE lunches of sausages and sauerkraut and fries. They had all the different Québec beers as well as beers from all over, and we sampled several.

Onward in the van to stop in Kamouroska to buy smoked fish. The bakery was open there since it was the weekend, and we got tasty chocolate croissants to eat for dessert (even though we weren't hungry at all), and some orange-chocolate studded bread for breakfast the next morning.

We dropped the gents off at the original inn in La Pocatière and then on back to Québec City with Ian. We took a longer route into the city and got to see different things. We stayed our last night at the same hotel.

B managed to get them to give us a much bigger room, with a huge bathroom and a terrace. B posed for a picture (eventually to send to Ian, I think). I swear he was chanting, "One of us, one of us."

We had a short nap and then drinks at the bar one last time.

Dinner was at Le Saint-Amour, noted for its foie gras. But neither of us were terribly hungry so we didn't opt for the huge multi-course tasting menu. We'll have to save that for another trip. But, I could not pass up on the plate of foie gras prepared seven different ways. It was astounding. We had some salad and some cheeses, a cognac dessert. The wines were delicious, too.

When we left the restaurant, it was raining for the walk back down the hill.  

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