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Friday and Saturday were quiet as far as incoming mail for me. It was OK since I had a lot of fun social things to do.

Today also made up for it. I got another of the postcards commemorating the EUROPA stamps, this one from Belarus.

And a card from Germany depicting three of my favorite things: Bicycling, reading, and the ocean.

Today's user pic is a promotional card that I got somewhere for "South Park".

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My parents always send cute holiday cards.

Today's user pic is a photograph of mine that I often have printed up as postcards. I think Moo does the best job printing postcards of any place I've found thus far.
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Nothing but junk in the mail (yesterday). So I thought I'd share a couple of my past postcrossing favorites. I love both of these for their punchy graphics. Oddly enough, I think they both might be ad cards.


Today's user pic is also an ad card for a resort we like to stay at in Palm Springs. We're headed there again mid-April, and I cannot wait to Inndulge (note that the website is tastefully done, but may not be work-safe), where "clothing is forever optional."

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I got a wonderfully long letter (14 pages!) from my Seattle penpal. We tend to write long letters back and forth. This one was decorated with springtime images on the envelopes and inside. There were sprouting seeds, mushrooms, leaves. Beautiful!


Today's user pic is an old Christmas card that is such a wonderful reminder of the magic of early spring.

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Two postcards, both from Germany. One from a woman who helped solve the Japanese Mystery of March 5. She said the themes of this card reminded her of Mozart's Magic Flute. I can see that.

And one of a winery and monastery in Germany:


Today's user pic is an ad postcard that I got with some yoga/chanting CD. I don't remember which one.
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Today I got a beautiful card from Finland.

It had a gorgeous stamp on it.

And the sender drew a little laughing face as part of the message.

Postcrossing just recently posted stats about the number of participants per capita by country, and Finland is #1 with 275 per 100,000. The USA is down at #32 with 13 per 100,000.


Today's sexy user pic is a postcard from an "art film" studio. ;-)
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Nothing in the mail for me today. So instead, here's a postcrossing coincidence from the past that amused me.

I got both of these cards on the same day, 19-November-2012.

From Germany:

And from Japan:


Today's user pic is a Greenman card that I have framed.
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Today's card is from Russia, but the sender noted the card was "from Spain." I really like it when I get cards from other lands than the sender is from.

"Los Torros"

And a Russian stamp with a clearer postmark than usual, which gives the reason for the sender's PS apology. She was sorry she took so long to mail the card. The card was mailed on February 18, 2013, but Postcrossing says it took 41 days to get here, because the website starts the clock when you get the address to send to. There are folks on Postcrossing who hate this sort of delay because it skews their statistics. To me, it's just another facet of the hobby. People have lives and get distracted.

My other interesting combination was a Japanese card sent from Finland. There are folks on Postcrossing who hate exactly this sort of thing and request that cards sent to them only come from the sender's country.


The user pic in this entry is a promotional ad postcard for "Brokeback Mountain."
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I got this card from Japan today. It's from someone in Toyota City, and she hopes I enjoy "this strange card." I cannot figure out what it is supposed to be. It looks like it might be some sort of jungle view shot from a helicopter. But what's that big circle?

The description on the back is all in Japanese, so I cannot read it. But I'll post it here in case someone can help.

Cool postage stamps on this, my fourth card from Japan.

Today's user pic is from a Hallmark card that Bruce gave me for Halloween one year. It remains "The Cutest Death Ever".

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My mailbox is happy, meaning having something non-junk and non-bill addressed to me, more days than not. It's taken me about a year to get to this point, and I'm quite happy.

I have a fairly robust exchange on Postcrossing. I've been a member there for nearly a full year, 361 days as I write this. I have been trying to always keep my number of sent cards at the maximum. I've successfully sent 196 cards that have been logged by the recipient. I have received 183 cards, including two today. 

Today I got one of Riga in 1572, my second one from Latvia:

And this delightful one from Colorado, a card published by Hallmark, to my surprise:

At present I have 9 of 12 possible cards out there in the mail. Now that I've been in a year, I'm going to worry less about keeping my cards sent at the maximum. I have enough momentum now. It does take a couple of months to get things going consistently.

I have 10 expired postcards, cards that have been traveling for longer than 60 days. For a while, I was checking to see if the recipient was an active postcrosser and if so, I was sending a second card. That doesn't favorably increase my stats at all, but it does get someone their card. Now, however, I've drifted into a more relaxed approach; if a card gets lost, I just let it go.

I've had cards from 28 different countries. I especially enjoy the stamps and the cards from people who try to send me ugly or otherwise unwanted cards. I've asked for that in my profile, and those often turn out to be my favorite ones!


Also, this month, every posting will have a user pic of mine that is either a postcard or card that I have sent or received over the years. Just looking through my user pics, I realize that I have a lot of them in this category. This one is from a long-gone old pack of notecards.
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It's the last  day of A Month Of Letters. Today's outgoing mail includes a postcrossing cards to France and Belarus, a paisley thank you note, and a lettermo reply. As I said at the beginning of this project, I typically send out one or more pieces of mail every day. But when there's nothing to mail out, I don't look for an excuse. There were a couple of days this month where I did look for a reason to send something, and those were very satisfying letters to write.

I'm going to change it up a bit and make March 2013 a reverse of A Month Of Letters for my blog. For March, I will post all the wonderful things I get as incoming mail.
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Sent out two cards, one to a grad school friend in Texas and one to a New Jersey penpal.

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Sending a birthday card to Virginia.

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Today, just a postcrossing card to Japan. It's another of my photographs.

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Just one postcrossing card today, to North Carolina. I'm waiting on postage to send more cards. I'm nearly out of everything because I was waiting for the new stamps (international forevers and apple postcard $0.33). They still don't have them at any of our local post offices, so I ended up ordering them from I typically buy most of my postage from them now anyway because I can get the ones I want rather than just whatever is in the local drawers.

This is a photo I took in Williston, Vermont in spring of 2008. I am not sure what tree this is, but I like the colors and the fountain shape.

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In celebration of Edward Gorey's birthday, I'm sending out three Gorey things: postcrossing postcards to Latvia and Malaysia, and a thinking-of-you card to a college friend.

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I must have the travel bug. Sending a birthday card to France and a postcrossing card to Finland, both with travel collage themes.

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Today I am sending a birthday card, a postcrossing postcard to Germany, and a penapl letter. The penpal letter is a first reply to a gentleman in Minnesota who found me via A Month Of Letters.

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Outgoing today: A postcrossing postcard to Texas, a postcard reply, and a thinking-of-you note. One postcard is a photo I took at the Roman Forum in 2007.

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Today is a US Mail holiday, but I have a few things ready to go out, so I will add those for today. I have a thank-you note (again with the fleur-de-lys theme and seal) and a penpal letter in a homemade envelope.

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