Apr. 20th, 2013

figarofigaro1: (pool fun)
We had to be up at 4 AM. That's my idea of hell right there. I was awake at 3:15 and then just kind of dozed, worried about over-sleeping. I even had my mother call to make sure we were up. We made it to the airport for our 6 AM first flight. Our homeward trip was Palm Springs to San Francisco to Chicago to Burlington. We were in San Francisco by 7:30 and I honestly don't remember too much about that stop, being fuzzy-headed from the early morning.

It was a long day with lots of sitting, but all our flights were on time and relatively smooth. We had lunch in Chicago at the airport Chili's. Bleh.

Since we both had rolling suitcases, we just walked home from the airport. It was cloudy and chilly, upper 40's. We unpacked and caught up on things at home and managed not to adapt too much to the Eastern Time Zone. I ended up leaving my reading glasses (cheap ones) and glasses case (a good one) on the airplane.

All in all, it was a great trip! Vermont is much more spring-like compared to when we left, but it's still cold. Come on, spring!

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