Apr. 14th, 2013

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InnDulge serves a nice continental breakfast every morning. It's not fancy, but is a good start to the day: coffee, tea, pastries (from the nearby Ralph's grocery store), boiled eggs, toast and bagels, yogurt, and some cereal. It all comes with a heavy dose of gay, which can be hard to take first thing in the morning if one isn't used to it.

Bruce was highly motivated to run every morning. That gave me some time to wake up and prepare to face the breakfast repartee.


We spent the day walking through town, reacquainting ourselves with the lay of the land. A lot of things are exactly the same as our last visit in 2008. And a lot of the new things fit in perfectly. The big mall in the middle of town is deserted and apparently going to be remodeled; but it gives that stretch a "ghost-town" aspect.

We had a fantastic (giant) lunch at Rio Azul, making up right away for our cannot-get-good-Mexican-in-Vermont plight. This was definitely the best Mexican food we had on the trip. (Note to those using this blog as travel recommendations, this is Rio Azul on the south end of town by the parking garage, not Azul on the north end of town that is attached to the gay bar.) We had big margaritas, guacamole, salsa, and enchiladas. Of course this necessitated a siesta!

We spent the late afternoon by the pool, me mostly in the shade or in the water. This is the view from the pool:

Actually, if you look the other direction, you can see the mountains.

InnDulge also hosts an evening happy hour. That's a fun time to get to know the other guests and enjoy an adult beverage. The gay repartee is much easier to handle in the evening.

For dinner, we went to an old favorite, Wang's In The Desert, a consistently good pan-Asian restaurant. We had a dim sum plate, lettuce wraps, green beans, beef and asparagus. And of course, Wang's makes big cocktails, a necessity in the desert! We had a lovely evening out, and a pleasant walk back to the hotel.

We hung out in the hot tub for a while and listened to the guys telling stories about the events at the Coachella music festival over the weekend (it was the first of two weekends of the festival).

(A note on this userpic: It's us in the pool at a different resort in Palm Springs in 2006.)

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