Mar. 29th, 2013

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Happy 76th birthday to my father! Today I got a "happy spring" card from my parents. Beautiful flowers:

And some colored egg stickers to seal the envelope!

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Today was a very happy mailbox day! I got Easter cards from both my sisters. On this one, the dots and circles are glittery.

And this one is actually a card that I had made as a gift set for each family member. This is one of my photos that never reproduces very well. Those flowers at the bottom always come out that weird blurry purple. It's still a favorite picture of mine.

I mostly send e-cards for holidays these days. I have no idea why since I am into sending and receiving snail mail. What's up with that?

I also got a "funny" card that is really more a strange card in my opinion, from Florida. The fact that the visual joke doesn't quite work makes me like it even more. It's from a postcrosser in Florida.

And I got a lovely surprise thank-you note from my penpal in Seattle. Evidently I'm awesome. ;-) The artwork on it is somewhat metalic and reflective. The whole effect is much softer in real life.

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