Mar. 4th, 2013

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My mailbox is happy, meaning having something non-junk and non-bill addressed to me, more days than not. It's taken me about a year to get to this point, and I'm quite happy.

I have a fairly robust exchange on Postcrossing. I've been a member there for nearly a full year, 361 days as I write this. I have been trying to always keep my number of sent cards at the maximum. I've successfully sent 196 cards that have been logged by the recipient. I have received 183 cards, including two today. 

Today I got one of Riga in 1572, my second one from Latvia:

And this delightful one from Colorado, a card published by Hallmark, to my surprise:

At present I have 9 of 12 possible cards out there in the mail. Now that I've been in a year, I'm going to worry less about keeping my cards sent at the maximum. I have enough momentum now. It does take a couple of months to get things going consistently.

I have 10 expired postcards, cards that have been traveling for longer than 60 days. For a while, I was checking to see if the recipient was an active postcrosser and if so, I was sending a second card. That doesn't favorably increase my stats at all, but it does get someone their card. Now, however, I've drifted into a more relaxed approach; if a card gets lost, I just let it go.

I've had cards from 28 different countries. I especially enjoy the stamps and the cards from people who try to send me ugly or otherwise unwanted cards. I've asked for that in my profile, and those often turn out to be my favorite ones!


Also, this month, every posting will have a user pic of mine that is either a postcard or card that I have sent or received over the years. Just looking through my user pics, I realize that I have a lot of them in this category. This one is from a long-gone old pack of notecards.

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