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After breakfast, we went up for a hike in Tahquitz Canyon. It was our second time doing the hike. I took a lot of pictures. It's about a two-mile loop up into the desert to see a waterfall. A lot of the hike is around the stream that flows down from the mountain. There are trees and green vegetation and wildlife to see. There are always hummingbirds zipping around. This time we saw ducks!

We had fun! There are good views looking over the valley and the city of Palm Springs. It was a toasty 80ยบ F, not too hot.



If you want to see all my pictures, they're here. It wasn't as pretty as the first time we hiked up there, but that year they'd had a "100-years rain" and the desert was blooming incredibly. (Which reminds me, that year we took a desert wildflower tour and we saw our guide from that outing hawking tours at the street fair. I guess he's still at it!)

After we got back to the hotel, we walked down to Fisherman's Market & Grill for oysters and fish tacos again (shrimp tacos for Bruce). We enjoyed some frozen yogurt before heading back for one more afternoon by the pool. Again I cowered in the shade and read (and napped a wee bit).

We showered for dinner and packed our bags to go home since our flight was so early the next morning.

Dinner was at Johannes Restaurant, Austrian cuisine. We'd eaten there a long time ago and were underwhelmed. We decided to give it another go. After we got settled at our table we looked over and saw two of the same gents from the group at Workshop Kitchen + Bar and Jake's! We had a good laugh together that we were all on the same schedule. They were going to be staying one more night and asked what they'd missed. We raved about Tinto and I hope they went and enjoyed it as much as we did.

Johannes was much as we remembered. The food was mixed, the service somewhat strange. I had all specials: Brussels sprouts salad with shrimp (excellent!) and roasted halibut (overcooked). Bruce had an endive salad and Wiener schnitzel (he said both were very good). The waitress poured our new wine into dirty glasses (not good). The apple strudel dessert was tasty but really small for the price.

We strolled back to the hotel, making our good-byes to the desert night.
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