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Today was truly a day in the sun!

We hung out at our hotel by the pool all morning. Bruce wanted to lounge, which is not his usual preference while on vacation. I enjoyed reading and watching the lizards that live in one of the trees on the property. There's a huge one and several smaller ones. And the birds! The mockingbirds are so busy fighting for the best singing spots and occasionally swooping in to eat a bug.

We had lunch at another favorite spot, Tyler's Burgers, which I think of as the quintessential SoCal burger spot. Very good, and very different from Woody's. We always get cheeseburgers, fries, and slaw. We enjoyed some hilarious people-watching here, including a table of four little old ladies who were VERY cheap. They were asking about the cost of everything and wanted separate checks (which Tyler's doesn't do). Their conversation was all about how the hot dog at Costco comes with a soda and the pizza doesn't. One woman emphatically exclaimed that she only made the mistake of ordering the pizza slice once. Now she would only get the hot dog because of the soda. "And it comes with one free refill!" I did so want to linger and watch them pay their check, but we were finished and there's always a queue.

We went back to our hotel to read and lounge. I cowered in the shade for much of the early afternoon and then basked in the pool.

Thursday nights they shut down a major chunk of Palm Canyon and have a street fair. It's every cliché about SoCal all rolled out into the street for everyone to see. It's great fun, but also very crowded.

After the fair, we went to another new-to-us spot, The Tropicale (note the website has awesome music, which might cause a party to break out at work, surf with caution!). How have we never been here before? The patio has gorgeous lighting, lush gardens, and a bustling crowd. The menu was crazy-huge and a total confusion of Cuban, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Polynesian, as well as American classics. Everything had a retro feel to it. It was "swanky" inside and out. Bruce had a crispy nori roll and then a Korean-style steak. I had shrimp and a shaved baby artichoke salad and then a Japanese miso-glazed salmon rice bowl. There was a huge amount of fish. For dessert, "mile high" chocolate cake. It was all very tasty and certainly worth another visit.

Today the resort had a large change-over of the guests and now the atmosphere is different. It's a younger, hipper crowd.
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