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It was chilly overnight and we woke to temperatures around 60º F and wind; the forecast was right. We decided to stay close to town today to avoid the wind and blowing sand as much as we could. the mountain protects the city of Palm Springs from the valley winds.

We did some shopping while walking to lunch. We found Woody's Burgers on Indian Canyon and tried it for the first time ever. Wow! So good! We sat at the counter and had an awesome old-school SoCal burger experience. The fries were tasty, both regular and sweet potato and they had really good slaw. The crowd was an interesting mix of rough straight guys and gays.

It was very much not a day for the pool so we went up to the high desert to shop at the outlets. It was really gusty wind up there and thick cloud cover. The temperature when we left Palm Springs was up to 75º and at the outlets it was 59º. We were a bit chilly!

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was near 70º and getting much windier. We walked into town and had cocktails at The Falls, which has in years past been one of our favorite bar spots (and it's a good spot for dinner as well). There weren't too many people at the bar, but then again, there weren't very many people in town, so it's hard to tell if it's still popular.

Our dinner reservations were for Jake's which is uptown, near last night's dinner, and a bit of a walk. Well, the walk was miserable with the whipping gusty wind. They don't have much indoor seating, so we were in the courtyard. Everyone coped with the wind very well, diners and servers alike. It turned out our table was in a pretty sheltered spot compared to some of the tables. The awnings kept snapping and it was all rather dramatic! Bruce held it all together though! (His eyes do look a bit watery in this picture.)

It was a great dinner. Bruce had shrimp tempura and then crispy striped sea bass done in an Asian style. I went for comfort food: wedge salad, then meatloaf with a sirracha ketchup, macaroni and cheese, and asparagus. They make HUGE multiple-layer cakes and have several different kinds each day. We settled on sharing a delicious Meyer lemon cake.

The gents beside of us, it turns out, were some of the same crowd from dinner the night before. We chatted a bit about our dining experience and they shared our opinion of it. In fact, they had been quite concerned at how slow our service was. We said that since we had drinks, it wasn't as bad as if we'd been waiting without. They asked me to take a photo for them and I had a little bit of trouble with the camera. One of them said, "You've got to push harder."

I snappily replied, "I've heard that already on this trip!"

They all burst into laughter and I got some great pictures of them looking very happy.

We discussed taking a cab back to the hotel, but went walking to look for one. Even though the wind made the walk cold and miserable, every time we saw a cab, we were that much closer to the hotel, and we ended up walking the whole way back. There was virtually nobody outside at the hotel.

One of my favorite weather comments was certainly true of today: "The wind, it blows."

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