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Today was a travel day. We did the drive-walk to the airport routine: Bruce drove us over to the airport, dropped me and the luggage off, then drove back home, parked the car, and walked back over to the airport. This is the one advantage to living close to the airport and sometimes even offsets the noise factor. Not always, but sometimes.

Our route was Burlington to Newark to Denver to Palm Springs. It look all day. I read a lot of Stephen King's Under The Dome. We didn't have much waiting-in-airports time and thus we didn't eat anything but the breakfast bars I'd packed. Our arrival in Palm Springs was to sunny clear skies and 91° F.

This trip we returned to our original Palm Springs resort, InnDulge, "where clothing is forever optional". (You may find that their website is slightly NSFW. There's nudity, but tastefully done.) We first stayed here way back in 2005. It's a great place; highly recommended. It's basically an old 1950's apartment complex redone. There's a large kidney-shaped pool in the center courtyard with all the rooms surrounding it. New owners have done some remodeling, but it's still very much the same as when we were there before.

It's also a great location. We're a bit odd in that we like to walk everywhere we can - very much NOT the SoCal way!

We walked into town and it felt familiar and comfortable. We decided to try a new spot for dinner, Lulu. It is big, open, bright, somewhat Disney-esque decor. The food was inexpensive and tasty, but not stellar. Obviously people go there for quantity and price. The 3-course prix fixe menu is $19.99 (+$4 if you want the fillet mignon). (In general, Palm Springs is very reasonably priced for both lodging and food. It's much cheaper than dining out in Burlington, Vermont.) Our drinks went right to our heads after not eating much all day. This was a nice choice for our first evening here. We were tired and hungry and it was an easy option.

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